Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Celebration of Love

It was February 14, 2011. Mom and Dad had just gotten home from a date together. They were glowing as they thanked us for taking care of the kids while they were gone. They kept looking at each other as they lingered in the living room. They were waiting for the other to say something. Their joy could not be concealed. By now, Michael, Brianna and I knew what was going on. "Just tell us!" I exclaimed. They smiled and said that Mom was pregnant. She had just told Dad on the date, and they wanted us older kids to know from the beginning. They wanted us to be a part of the rejoicing. None of us knew how long we were going to be able to celebrate this new life. We had just lost four unborn children in the past two years. We didn't know why. I was afraid of the pain that another loss would bring, but I still hoped for another brother or sister.  My mom said that she was so thankful to be able to carry another child for as long as God allowed her. I was amazed at the love and sacrifice that my Mom had for her children. All of them.

So we prayed. Everyone prayed for this little baby. And baby kept growing. We passed the milestones slowly, but surely. And now Melody Hope is with us....and we are still rejoicing. We are celebrating love tonight. The love we have toward Melody, for each other, and the love of The Father who gave her to us.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

SO time for another post!!

Howdy! I have finally persuaded myself to blog! It's so much easier just to scroll through the posts that pop up on my dashboard....instead of taking the time to write my own. 2012 has been interesting....some struggles, new opportunities, and uncertainty. But hey, that's part of life, right? I'm still enjoying my freedom as a graduated girl living at home. I love having the flexibility to pursue different creative venues, serve my church family, help out at home, and spend time with friends. I still am working towards sandal making, that'll come in time. I'm usually on the go...I have a hard time sitting still :-) Maybe someday I'll grow up?!? But, enough writing....lets see pictures!!!

For Christmas last year, my grandmother gave me weaving lessons!  This is my 1st finished project.

She gave Brianna pottery lessons!

Having fun with my dear friend

A day at the Jackson's! Michael was helping fix their well, I was learning to tile a shower ,
and Brianna was giving four wheeler rides! A fun day!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More Pictures of Melody Are.....

On Brianna's Blog.... I was holding her while she wrote the post :-)

Melody Hope!!

Announcing Melody Hope Southerland

 born on 10/18/2011 at 1:26AM 

weighs 6lbs 11oz

18.5in long

More pictures to come!!